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Strategy & Technology Services

Automata provides the most senior consulting services available in the market for business rules and decision management technology, including the services of  Paul Haley.  

Automata consultants:

  • are among some of the most experienced and technically competent. 
  • typically possess much more experience than is available from general systems integrators or vendors.

Automata services and consultants:

  • are vendor-neutral but deeply competent with Ilog, Fair Isaac, Oracle/Haley, SAP/Yasu, Corticon, and others
  • are strategically-oriented and forward-looking, where appropriate with regard to emerging OMG and W3C standards, interchange, and vendor neutrality

Automata services typically include:

  • strategic technology consulting, including all aspects of decision management and business rules, including but not limited to
    • assessing technical costs and risks
    • formulating requests for proposals or in recommending or assisting in the selection of vendors
    • anticipating emerging standards and technical advances for strategic benefit and concerning vendor lock-in
  • methodological harvesting, elicitation or other formal capture and management of policies, criteria, and other business rules
  • establishing proficiency and self-sufficiency in the ability to harvest, elicit, capture and manage such human and social services knowledge

When providing training or consulting services, Automata will:

Always as required considering your specific objectives, requirements, and decisions.

Automata represents substantial experience in the following industries and application areas:

  • origination and underwriting in insurance and lending
  • various other applications in banking, mortgage and credit cards
  • many applications in insurance, including P&C, auto, life, health, and pharmaceutical
  • securities, including trading, GRC, and investment management
  • telecommuncations, including CRM and network management
  • defense, including logistics, diagnostics, robotics, and intelligent agents
  • government, including regulatory and tax agences
  • CRM in public sector health and human services
  • CRM in private sector customer acquisition, up-sell and cross-sell in financial services, telecommunications, and other B2C areas

Automata is uniquely qualified as a vendor-independent consultant to Oracle CRM 8.0 customers in the use of its integrated business rules management system and to users of Haley or Ruleburst BRMS.

Automata regularly provides fixed-price and narrow timeframes where possible.  See “The $50 Business Rule“, for example. 

If you would like to discuss how we might help you achieve your objectives given our experience and expertise, please contact info@haleyAI.com.


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