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Technology & Partnership

In addition to poviding strategic technology consulting, Automata is developing the next generation of knowledge management and automation software encompassing:

  1. business rules management systems (BRMS)
  2. enterprise decision management (EDM)
  3. governance, risk and compliance (GRC)
  4. business process management (BPM)
  5. complex event processing (CEP)

Automata is not an alternative rule or event processing software, nor does Automata compete with existing BRMS, BPM or CEP vendors. 

Automata adds value by managing the knowledge that it automates using rule, CEP and BPM products in a tool and vendor-independent manner.  

  • In doing so, Automata also makes the knowledge such tools use more flexible and easier to capture and manage. 
  • And, as a result, the knowledge captured can be leveraged more effectively across enterprise and application boundaries.

Automata uses a number of technologies not typically associated with BRMS, BPM, or CEP, including:

  • natural language technology, as in intelligent user interfaces, database query, and question answering (Q&A)
  • machine learning technology, as in business intelligence (BI), predictive modeling, and algorithmic trading
  • semantic web, logic, and AI technologies for knowledge representation, reasoning and problem solving

Automata technology:

  1. handles requirements that BRMS and CEP vendors address poorly
  2. embraces and extends OMG and W3C standards including PRR, SBVR, OWL, and RIF
  3. encorporates and supports reusable ontology covering common and domain-specific knowledge
  4. supports multiple user interfaces and web services to a common repository with an interchangeable knowledge representation

Automata partners with vendors:

  • to extend BPM platforms with EDM capabilities
    • including the integration of process and rule engines
    • including the integration of BPM and BRMS tooling
    • including the integration of vendor or open-source business rules engines (BRE) with BPM
  • to extend BRMS or BRE functionality
    • to perform optimization and problem solving
    • to perform uncertain and hypothetical reasoning
    • to encompass vocabulary, ontology, logic and requirements
    • with natural language understanding, spreadsheet, and other metaphors
  • to extend CEP technology with BRMS usability or BRE functionality

Automata partners with its end customers:

  • for vendor-independent knowledge management and automation
  • for migrations between vendors or open-source BRMS or BRE
  • concerning knowledge management and automation strategy
  • for proprietary ontology, interface and intelligence purposes
  • to learn, adapt and improve decision making over time

If you are interested in semantic or knowledge-based technology strategy or development for your internal or OEM use, please contact info@haleyAI.com.


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