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Automata, Inc.

Automata, Inc.

  • provides strategic technology consulting, development, and training services
  • is developing the next generation of knowledge management and automation software
  • was founded in 2007 by Paul Haley after Ruleburst acquired the assets of his former company and rebranded itself under his name.

To pronounce “Automata”, you might say:

  • aw-tomuhtuh but
  • aw-toh-may-tuh

sounds more like “auto” and “mata“.

Automata, Inc. automates.  Automata, Inc. builds automation.

The word “automata” is the plural of “automaton”.  An automaton is an automatic thing as in automation.

  • Latin, self-operating machine, from Greek, from neuter of autómatos, self-acting; see automatic[1]
  • 1611, from L. automaton, from Gk. automaton, neut. of autómatos “self-acting,” from autos “self” + matos “thinking, animated.”[2]
  • 1605-1615, from L: automatic device from Gk, n. use of neut. of autómatos spontaneous, acting without human agency, equiv. to auto- + -matos, adj. deriv. from base of memonénai to intend, ménos might, force[3]

Automata act autonomously with thought, intention, and effect.

Automata, Inc. builds systems that act with thought, intent, and effect; that know and learn using artificial intelligence.

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