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Haley and Ruleburst

On July 14th, 2004, I accepted the first venture capital investment in the company I founded over a decade earlier (http://www.haley.com).  On November 14th, 2007, Ruleburst acquired the assets of that company.  

In acquiring Haley, Ruleburst gains many marquis customers that I have sold and supported for years, including Oracle, Countrywide, Medco, Inland Revenue, Computer Sciences, the Dept of Defense, United Healthcare, BUPA, Healthmarkets, and Lagan. These customers go a long way to establishing Ruleburst in the United States, especially in insurance and financial services. The relationships are also synergistic with Ruleburst’s existing relationship with SAP and their original focus on government.

In addition to my customers, Ruleburst has also acquired the inference engines and business rule management system that I developed over these last years with the support of three key engineers. The rules engine, in particular, gives Ruleburst critical execution capabilities that give it new credibility in the commercial market. Authority, our BRMS, is also synnergistic with Ruleburst’s word processor orientation. With Authority, Ruleburst advances into true natural language understanding and separation of business requirements, regulations and policies from independently managed implementation details.

I am delighted that Ruleburst has decided to continue with the Haley brand and expect that they will soon be well-positioned to compete in the commercial market against the likes of Fair Isaac and Ilog and to gain share in the United States.

I am also delighted to be more able to pursue my broader interests in commercial endeavors that go beyond business rules to encompass business intelligence and complex event processing for more comprehensive agility in process management and certain applications, such as in insurance, banking, and securities.

Paul Haley


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