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March 20, 2008

RuleBurst Re-brands as Haley Limited

For those who are interested in my former company, they are still committed to natural language business rules management technology, as shown in their most recent press release.  They have also picked up on the public sector activity, especially eligibility, as discussed here

From the release, CEO, Dominic OHanlon, said:

  • “With our natural language rule authoring capabilities and BRMS solutions, we are uniquely positioned to make our customers more competitive and agile in a fast-paced, highly-regulated world.”
  • “For the government market, Haley is a worldwide leader in using natural language technology to rapidly transform regulations, policies and rules into automated decision-making systems, to determine eligibility for government services, and in the taxation and immigration arenas.”

As discussed here, this focuses comes from the relationships that we established with Oracle, Lagan[1], and HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue), the UK’s IRS.  Ruleburst was also being used at the Internal Revenue Service for rule capture[1], albeit with lesser capabilities from before the deal with Haley. Expect them to be hard to beat in the IRS account now that they have a much better execution capability (i.e., the Haley business rules engine) and true natural language understanding and code generation for more than simple rules.  At Inland Revenue, it only took 6 months for EDS to use our software to assess fraud in self-submitted tax returns.  The resulting system has been in use since 2002 and, according to the customer,:

“analysts can author and amend business rules using standard English, making it possible for novices to author or amend rules with very little training and guidance” 

That’s what Haley was all about.  I’m glad Ruleburst, now Haley, is carrying that torch forward.


[1] Ruleburst’s government focus, especially regarding eligibility, seems to conflict with Lagan, however.  From our release:

Lagan, a leading provider of Enterprise Case Management and Relationship Management solutions to government, today announced that Lagan has selected Haley’s …  for its Human Services Solution. … This new capability offers … new levels of flexibility and agility in automated decision-making support for service eligibility and delivery.

[2] More about Ruleburst’s capture work at the IRS is available here.


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  1. So the Haley name lives on ! Reminds me of Leo Fender (and Fender guitars) – even after he left (although I have a music man, which was designed by him post Fender).

    Comment by michaelneale — March 21, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

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